This Week at Bungie – The calm before the convention storm. (Aug 17)

News // Destiny This Week At Bungie – 08/17/2017 - DeeJ This week at Bungie, we’re packing our bags. We’re headed to gamescom. After that, we’ll be back for PAX. Frequent flier miles will rack up like XP as we make new connections. We love meeting Guardians in real life. We’re about to cross paths with... Continue Reading →

Bungie Help // Preparing Clans for Destiny 2

Preparing Clans for Destiny 2 The purpose of this process is to prepare existing Destiny communities for the new Clan features introduced in Destiny 2. A part of this process requires splitting the Group and Clan features of the Destiny Companion Web and Mobile App. Please see below for more information on preparing Clans for... Continue Reading →

This Week at Bungie – This is your Destiny 2 Beta pre-flight checklist. (July 13)

News // Destiny This Week At Bungie – 7/13/2017 - Cozmo This week at Bungie, we’re making final preparations for the Destiny 2 Beta. It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: The Beta is upon us. No more long lines at events. Finally, anyone who wants to play Destiny 2 will. You’ll get to bash enemies with... Continue Reading →

Destiny: This Week at Bungie – Calling all Guardians! (July 6)

News // Destiny This Week At Bungie – 07/06/2017 - DeeJ This week at Bungie, we’re preparing for the Destiny 2 Beta. While you fight for your very survival in three core activities, we’ll monitor the technology that brings us all together. There will be fun and games, but make no mistake: This is a test!  Your participation is... Continue Reading →

Twitch Affiliate Program

Joining the Affiliate Program This article explains how qualified broadcasters can start monetizing their channels. Index: Access and Overview Earning Revenue: Subscriptions for Affiliates Earning Revenue: Cheering (with Bits) for Affiliates Earning Revenue: Game Sales Revenue for Affiliates Frequently Asked Questions Can I be a Partner and an Affiliate? What monetization features do Affiliates have... Continue Reading →

Twitch: Affiliate Sub Button Now Available and New Mobile App Update Coming! (June 28)

Subscriptions for Affiliates is NOW AVAILABLE and an updated Twitch mobile app is coming soon! View below for more information. Subscriptions for Affiliates For streamers, subscriptions are an important tool to help grow their community and build steady income from their channel. For viewers, subscribing is a rite of passage. When you find that community... Continue Reading →

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