Court of Oryx // Tier 3 // Thalnok

Court of Oryx - Thalnok - Kyber3000-1.psd

Court of Oryx – Tier 3 – Thalnok


Recommended Light Level for this activity is 300. This battle begins by Thalnok spawning in the upper middle platform, along with 2 Hive Wizards. Soon after Thalnok spawns, a Swordbearer (Hive Knight) will appear in the lower middle area, with Taken enemies. Thalnok is immune to damage while the shield is up so you will need to bring Thalnok’s shield before doing damage. First focus on killing the Hive Wizards near Thalnok, as they can repair Thalnok’s shield (Solar damage is effective for these wizards). Then kill the Swordbearer. While there’s teammates bringing Thalnok’s shield down, grab the Sword and slam Thalnok (By pressing R2 or Right Trigger). Keep doing this cycle until Thalnok has been defeated. Once you have successfully defeated Thalnok, a chest will appear on the upper platform. For your 1st successful Thalnok completion you will also be rewarded a Calcified Fragment. (You can complete Thalnok or other Tier 3 bosses solo or with less than 3, see video below for more details.)


Artifacts can drop up to 335 Light.

Collect Calcified Fragment XLVII: Apocalypse Refrains


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