Court of Oryx // Tier 3 // Kagoor


Court of Oryx – Tier 3 – Kagoor


This battle begins by Kagoor spawning in the middle platform with Servile Ogre, along with other enemies such as Maleficent Eyes and ogres. Kagoor is immune to damage while the Servile Ogre is alive. By killing the Maleficent Eyes you will be granted a buff called Ogre’s Fury. Ogre’s Fury buff increases your damage against Ogres, stacks up to 3 times, and lasts 10-15 seconds. Once you have this buff do as much damage as possible before it runs out on the Servile Ogre and other ogres. Once you eliminate the Servile Ogre, Kagoor’s shield will drop, making Kagoor briefly vulnerable to damage. Damage Kagoor while the shield is gone, and until you have defeated the taken wizard, as you may not have time to repeat the process. (See video below for more details.)


Artifacts up to 335 Light can drop.

Collect Calcified Fragment XLIX: Forever and a Blade


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