Court of Oryx // Tier 3 // Balwur


Court of Oryx – Tier 3 – Balwur


This battle begins by Balwur spawning in the middle of the upper platform by the portal. The entire floor will be toxic and can kill you. To remove the toxicity on the floor you will need to kill the Acolytes of Balwur and then a temporary safe zone will appear, you can then safely stand and fight in that safe zone. Safe zones will disappear so keep killing the Acolytes. However, there is a safe zone beneath the center platform and this safe zone is permanent. Damage Balwur after creating and/or standing in a safe zone until the wizard is completely defeated. A chest will appear on the upper middle platform by the portal once you have successfully killed Balwur.


Artifacts up to 335 Light can drop.

Collect Calcified Fragment XLVIII: AIAT, AIAT, AIAT, AIAT, AIAT


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