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Begins: Tuesday, June 6th, 10 AM Pacific

Ends: Tuesday, June 13th, 2 AM Pacific

The game is Supremacy!

Items: Scout Rifle, Fusion Rifle, Helmets, and Class Items.

The battle begins tomorrow. Grab your Bounties and assemble your Fireteam for a week of action packed competition. And as with all Iron Banners, there will be a ton of loot.

Hunter Armor – Helmet and Class Item

Titan Armor – Helmet and Class Items

Warlock Armor – Helmet and Class Item



Bungie Help Pages:
- Iron Banner Activity Page
- Iron Banner FAQ

Iron Banner is a week long event available to players who have purchased Destiny: Rise of Iron, featuring a level advantage enabled Crucible playlist with Iron Banner themed rewards. The Iron Banner event can feature different Crucible game mode types, such as Supremacy, Control, Clash, or Rift. When Iron Banner features a gametype, this will be the only version of that gametype available through the Director.

Once the Iron Banner event is live, players have until the weekly reset to compete in the playlist and earn Iron Banner reputation and rewards. For more information on upcoming Iron Banner events, please follow the Bungie news updates.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After the end of August 2016, Iron Banner will only be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Players on Legacy Consoles, which are the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, will no longer be able to participate in the event. For more information, please see the Legacy Consoles and Destiny Events and Activities Availability guide.

Entry Requirements

To participate in the Iron Banner while the event available, players must:

  • Own Destiny: Rise of Iron
  • Access the Iron Banner playlist by using its specific playlist nodes
  • Character level 40
  • Have a minimum Light Level of 230

Earning Reputation

Iron Banner reputation gains may only be earned by winning matches in the playlist and turning in Iron Bounties available through Lady Efrideet in the Iron Temple. Iron Banner rank resets at the end of every Iron Banner event.

There are several ways that players can increase the amount of Iron Banner reputation earned from reputation gains:

  • Iron Medallions: Upon a loss, players will be given an Iron Medallion. Each character can only hold up to 5 Medallions in their Inventory at a time. Medallions held in a Character’s inventory will be redeemed for additional reputation gains on their next victory in the Iron Banner playlist.
  • Alternate Characters: If players have multiple characters competing in the Iron Banner event, each additional character played can earn increased reputation gains. These increased reputation gains will be earned once the first character has reached Rank 2 and the alternate character reaches Rank 1 and will be awarded until the rank of the alternate character matches the rank of the character with the highest Iron Banner reputation rank.

Iron Bounties

During each event, Lady Efrideet offers several Iron Banner specific bounties:

  • Weekly Bounties: For each Iron Banner, Lady Efrideet offers four weekly bounties. These can be completed to received XP, Legendary Marks, Iron Banner Gear, and a large amount of Iron Banner reputation. NOTE: Daily Bounties available in previous Iron Banner events have been retired.
  • Other Bounties: Normal Crucible bounties can be completed in this playlist, but do not grant Iron Banner reputation.

Iron Banner Rewards

There are several ways to earn Iron Banner specific rewards during the event:

  • Match Completion: Completing a match in the Iron Banner playlist gives the player a chance to earn Iron Banner specific rewards.
  • Purchased Rewards: During each event, Lady Efrideet will have a set list of Iron Banner specific rewards that can be purchased for Legendary Marks.

Vital Information

Below is a list of Vital Information players may need to know:

  • Changes to Iron Banner Events in Destiny: Rise of Iron :  With the release of Destiny: Rise of Iron, some features and mechanics within Iron Banner have been changed.
  • Daily Iron Banner Bounties have been retired.
  • Reputation Packages at ranks 3 and 5 have been retired.
  • The “Tempered” Buff has been retired.
  • Lord Saladin no longer acts as the Iron Banner Vendor. Lady Efrideet in the Iron Temple now offers all Iron Banner Bounties and Gear Purchases.

(Information above is from

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