All Challenge Mode Raid Guides // Age of Triumph


1. Crota’s End Challenges

2. Vault of Glass Challenges

3. King’s Fall Challenges

4. Wrath of the Machine Challenges

Note: Each week you may still play any 390 light raid to get updated legendary raid weapons and armor. However, Exotic Adepts only drop in a Weekly Featured Raid. If you see anything that is incorrect or have any info you would like to have added here feel free to message me. I appreciate all feedback!


Ir Yût, Deathsinger Challenge

Use the Swordbearers sword to kill Ir Yût.

Notes/Tips: Kill all adds to make the Deathsinger scream in fear, she will then spawn ogres and knights outside by Crota’s spawn. Kill all of those and she will begin singing the lithergy, a sword bearer will spawn. Kill the Swordbearer Knight and pick up the sword to kill Ir Yût to complete the challenge. This entire encounter does have a time limit of about two minutes and fifteen seconds. If you do not kill Ir Yut in this amount of time, your fireteam will wipe.

Crota, Son of Oryx Challenge

Have a different player wield the Sword on every damage phase until Crota has been defeated.

Notes/Tips: The same sword holder can not pick up the sword again once it is dropped/disappears or the challenge will fail. It takes 13 RT slams to trigger Crota’s enrage and 16 slams to kill him.

Videos Guides

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Crota’s End Challenge Rewards // Kyber’s Corner

Crota’s End Challenges by Gamerant

Weekly Featured Raid - Vault of Glass (by Kyber3000)


Templar Challenge

NO Teleports! Block the Templar from teleporting.

Atheon Challenge

Each player on fireteam must destroy ONE oracle each per teleport phase.

Notes/Tips: There is 6 oracles so 3 players on the outside must step inside to destroy one oracle each, do not kill more than one each or challenge will fail. Always have one person outside the teleport to keep it open. You do not have to kill Atheon in one rotation. Personal weapon recommendation for Atheon: A high impact sniper and Sleeper Stimulant is usually my go to weapons for Atheon. Weapons for oracles: A VoG weapon such as Atheon’s Epilogue, VoC, or even the shotgun or fusion rifle is all great choices for destroying oracles. Keep in mind the oracles are harder to destroy the longer they have been active, so try to destroy the oracle as soon as it spawns or it will take more shots and could even cause a team wipe if you do not destroy them quick enough.

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Weekly Featured Raid Help Page by Bungie

Challenge Mode Rewards // Kyber’s Corner

Vault of Glass Armor by Destiny Game Wiki

Vault of Glass Loot Table via Reddit

Weekly Featured Raid - Kings Fall (by Kyber3000) 1


Warpriest Challenge

Defeat Warpriest by having a different player hold the Aura for each damage phase, the same player cannot hold the Aura more than one time.

Golgoroth Challenge

All fireteam members must capture the gaze before the timer runs out on each damage phase until Golgoroth is defeated.

Notes/Tips: Many weapons do just fine capturing Golgoroth’s gaze, some use a sniper however I normally just use my pulse rifle or a machine gun. You can also use your primary or a machine gun to destroy Golgoroth’s venom, normally it takes one shot to destroy the venom that comes after you once you capture the gaze.

Oryx Challenge

Detonate 16 blights in one go.

Notes/Tips: Stack up 16 blights this will take 4 cycles. When your fireteam goes to detonate the 16 blights, make sure at least one player is shooting Oryx’s chest area to keep him vulnerable. You can still use Touch of Malice but I personally recommend Sleeper Stimulant and a sniper as a possible weapon to use on the ogres.

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Weekly Featured Raid Help Page by Bungie

Challenge Mode Rewards // Kyber’s Corner

King’s Fall Challenge Mode Guide by Planet Destiny

Weekly Featured Raid - Wrath of the Machine (by Kyber3000)


Heroic- Enemies appear in greater numbers and are more aggressive.

Vosik Challenge

Use SIVA bombs to activate all 4 clean rooms.

To complete the challenge successfully the following must occur:

(a) all rooms must be activated/burned before Vosik dies and (b) when the rooms are closed it must be with a bomb (do not shoot the door switches, use the SIVA bomb). This means you can have up to 5 damage phases as long as all rooms are closed with bombs before he dies.

Credit and Thanks to Flynn for providing this information.

Aksis Challenge

Use a supercharge plate on each teleport during damage phases.


Do not miss any supercharge plates slams or Aksis stuns!

If Aksis is very low on damage, stop doing damage and wait till Aksis is at the 3rd/last teleport before you get him to the final stand of damage! If Aksis goes to the middle (final stand) too soon, you might fail the challenge, click here to read more about this.

The player that slams the supercharge plate on each teleport must be empowered. The supercharge plate lights up with a red beam of light. The supercharge plate disappears after an empowered player stuns Aksis so its best to slam the supercharge plate and then stun Aksis.

Videos Guides

Weekly Featured Raid Help Page by Bungie

Challenge Mode Rewards // Kyber’s Corner

WoTM Loot Table via Reddit

WoTM Guides and Loot by DestinyWikia


Bungie Help // Age of Triumph : Raid Reprisals

With the release of Age of Triumph, all Destiny Raids have been reprised to 390 Light Difficulty.

Previous rewards such as Weapons or Armor have also been reprised, along with the addition of new Consumables and Ornaments.

For all information concerning the Age of Triumph, click the banner above or follow this link to return to the Age of Triumph Guided Support.


The following requirements must be met to launch Reprisal Raid Activity:

  • Own Destiny: Rise of Iron
  • Complete Destiny: Rise of Iron Story Quest
  • Reach Light Level 360 (Recommended Light Level 390)

390 Light Difficulty will first be available through the Featured Raid node on the Director. Once it has been featured, players may set the highest light difficulty at any time through the respective activity node on each planet.

Featured Challenge Modes

Challenge Modes for some encounters will be available when a Raid is a Featured Activity.

  • Vault of Glass and Crota’s End will display “Challenge Failed” text if a player fails the Challenge
  • Each Challange Mode is associated with specific Reprisal Rewards, which may be earned once per week
  • Each Challenge Mode will have a corresponding Emblem rewarded to the player upon successful completion


Knuckles of Eao

  • This new consumable grants players with an additional Challenge Mode Reward, once per week, per Challenge Mode Checkpoint.
  • This consumable may be acquired once per week, per account.

Age of Triumph Ornaments

  • Players may earn Ornaments for Raid Reprisal Armor Sets once per week, by completing a Featured Raid
  • Ornaments dismantle to 1 Silver Dust
  • Players may hold 10 Ornaments in Character Inventory at a time

Reprised Legendary Rewards

  • Players may earn reprised Weapons and Armor once per activity checkpoint, per week, per character.
  • Reprised Legendary Raid Weapons are limited to Kinetic Damage.

Reprised Exotic Weapons

  • Players may earn Raid Specific Raid Exotics by completing Challenge modes, once per week, per challenge mode, per character.
  • These Exotic Reprisals come with Elemental Damage.

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