Archon’s Forge


Rewards drop up to 385 light.

Artifacts and Ghost shells can drop up to 400 light.

Click image above to view activity details and exclusive rewards available.


The Archon’s Forge Public Event may be accessed through the Archon’s Keep area (Plaguelands Patrol). When approaching the Forge area, players will see a small Fallen console. When approaching this console, players will use SIVA offerings to start the public event.

  • If a player is defeated during this Public Event, they will be re-spawned outside of the playable area, next to the Fallen console.
  • The Public Event will be failed unless there are other players actively participating within the playable area.
  • Players may regain access by using a Splicer Key at the Fallen console.

For additional information concerning Splicer Keys, please see the Keys and Offerings section below.

Difficulty and recommended light levels

There are three different difficulty levels for the Archon’s Forge public event.

  • Uncommon SIVA offering: Light Level 300
  • Rare SIVA offering: Light Level 330
  • Legendary SIVA offering: Light Level 360

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Destiny: Rise of Iron introduces new SIVA offerings and Splicer Key consumables. SIVA Offerings are exclusively used to initiate Archon’s Forge Public Events.

SIVA Offerings

Players may find one of fifteen Siva Offerings when completing Rise of Iron Activities. These may appear within the loot stream, or as a basic Engram drop within the game world

Players may only hold ONE SIVA offering at a single time. These items do not stack within inventory, nor will they appear at the postmaster if left within the game world.

Splicer Keys

If a player is defeated within the Archon’s Forge public event, they will be re-spawned by the fallen console used to initiate the event. At this console, players may use Splicer Keys to gain access to the Public Event once more.

If another player is still active within the Public Event, players may use Splicer Keys to open the SIVA door, and gain entry to the public event once more

Players may hold up to TEN Splicer Keys at a single time. These items will not appear at the postmaster if left within the game world. Splicer Keys may be placed into the Vault, and transferred to alternate Characters.


When completing the Archon’s Forge public event, any player who is actively participating in the event will receive rewards directly in their loot stream. Please Note: Difficulty Tiers do NOT determine the quality of completion rewards.

Players may earn one or more the following upon completion of the Public Event:

  • Legendary Gear exclusive to the Archon’s Forge Public Event
  • Legendary or Rare Engrams

Additionally, players may earn Engram drops by defeating enemies during the public event.

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Archon’s Forge Exclusive Weapons

Saladin’s Vigil – Fusion Rifle

But Not Forgotten – Sniper Rifle


Reminder: Engrams drop from this event so make sure to check your postmaster often as it can fill up rather quickly if you are repeatedly running this event.

View All of Archon’s Forge Weapons, Gear, and Class Items Available: Bungie’s Armory.

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