Destiny 2 – Coming Soon!

Destiny 2 Launches on:

09/06/2017 for Xbox One and PlayStation

The Xbox store states the release date is Tuesday, September 5, 2017, 9:00:00 PM. However, that could just be the date you can pre-download the game/content. This date and time could change at any time (see this on the Xbox store here).


10/24/2017 for PC (the PC BETA starts 08/28/2017 for early access, read below for more info)

Get bonus pre-order items Coldheart Exotic Rifle, Salute Emote, and a Kill-Tracker Ghost. If you already pre-ordered Destiny 2 you will still get these items. These items will also be available to earn in-game after December 5th. Learn more about the Coldheart Exotic Trace Rifle here by IGN First.


Watch the official trailer by clicking video/link above. To get more Destiny 2 info click here, this page is currently being updated.

The PC Beta will be available in 4k at 60fps on August 28th for those that have early access by pre-ordering Destiny 2, the Open Beta starts on August 29th if you have not pre-ordered Destiny 2. Like the console Beta, the PC Beta will include the opening Homecoming story mission, The Inverted Strike, Competitive Multiplayer Mode Countdown on Midtown and Quickplay will be Control on Javelin-4 (a new map that wasn’t available on the console Beta). The PC version will only be available through Blizzard’s

Beta Availability Dates:

Early Access: August 28

Open Beta: August 29

Beta Ends: August 31

Watch the Official PC Open Beta Trailer here or below. For more info about the PC Beta click here.


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