Destiny: It’s Arms Day! (November 16th)



Pick up orders by: Sunday, November 20th @ 1AM Pacific
You may wait and hold onto orders until you get the rolls you prefer.
Omolon Uffern HC4 (Hand Cannon)
SUROS DIS-43 (Scout Rifle)
Häkke Zarinaea-D (Auto Rifle)
Häkke Jingukogo-D (Shotgun)
Omolon Eirene RR4 (Sniper Rifle)
Uffern HC4's Icon SUROS DIS-43's Icon Zarinaea-D's Icon Jingukogo-D's Icon Eirene RR4's Icon


Armsday Roll Suggestions by Planet Destiny
Kyt_Kutcha’s Armsday Guide Finely made by /u/uncleyosh (Click image to view)

Foundry Weapons - Kyber3000


Test weapons to order Foundry Weapons for the next Armsday
Order by: Sunday, November 20th @ 1AM Pacific
Next Armsday on: Wednesday, November 23rd @ 1AM Pacific
Available to Order – $2,500 Glimmer 
Omolon Uffern HC4 (Hand Cannon)
SUROS ARI-41 (Auto Rifle)
Omolon Kumakatok HC4 (Hand Cannon)
Omolon Thesan FR4 (Sniper Rifle)
Omolon Eirene RR4 (Sniper Rifle)
Uffern HC4's Icon SUROS ARI-41's Icon Kumakatok HC4's Icon Thesan FR4's Icon Uzume RR4's Icon

Gunsmith Test Weapons


Test Weapons to purchase Foundry Weapons & Earn Reputation
Test Weapons by: Wednesday, November 23rd @ 1AM Pacific
Store test weapons in your inventory before date above to have more time to test them.
Häkke Test-A (Auto Rifle)
PvE: Use against Fallen targets to gather data for Häkke’s armament scientists.
SUROS TSR-10 (Rocket Launcher)
PvE: Use against high-ranking enemies to field data for the Suros research department.
Häkke Test-A (Sniper Rifle)
PvP: Use against Cabal Centurions to gather data for Häkke’s armament scientists.
SUROS TSA-10 (Auto Rifle)
PvP: Use in the Crucible to gather data for the Suros research department.
Häkke Test-A (Hand Cannon)
PvE: Make double-kills with this weapon to gather data for Häkke’s armament scientists.

Häkke Test-A's Icon SUROS TSR-10's Icon Häkke Test-A's Icon SUROS TSA-10's Icon Häkke Test-A's Icon



Completing Field Test Weapons received from the Gunsmith awards Gunsmith Reputation.
Ranking up your Gunsmith Reputation will allow you to hold more Armsday Orders at a single time.
Ranking up your Gunsmith Reputation will offer players a greater variety of weapons when redeeming an Armsday order.
Reputation Packages granted for ranking up the Gunsmith offer a guaranteed Legendary Weapon.

For more information on Armsday, please see ARMSDAY FAQ or click image above.


Xur – Agent of the Nine

Arrives: Friday, November 18th @ 1AM Pacific
Departs: Sunday, November 20th @ 1AM Pacific

Screenshot (1286)

Trials of Osiris

Starts: Friday, November 18th @ 10AM Pacific
Ends: Tuesday, November 22nd @ 1AM Pacific
Trials Map and information will be posted on Friday. View rewards available here.

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New Twitch Integrations on

Starting sometime this week Bungie will be integrating new Twitch features. Once these features are live, you’ll be able to earn a new emblem if you link you Twitch account to and stream for 77 non-consecutive hours. Stay tuned for more details by Bungie.


Bungie Ride Along

Wrath of the Machine Raid Ride Along
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News and Update (

This Week at Bungie 11-10-16

This Week at Bungie – 11/10/2016

A game of rituals.

CLICK HERE or image above to read post.

Destiny Hotfix The one about Engrams

Destiny Hotfix – 11/08/2016 – The one about Engrams.

CLICK HERE or image above to read post. 


Stream Schedule & Updates

Stream will be live approximately 3-5 Days a week and will usually be in the afternoon and evenings (Pacific Time Zone). Schedule will be posted asap, will set day and times. Games that will currently stream are Destiny and some new games such as Dishonored 2. If you have a game or type of activity you would like to suggest, feel free to send me a message.
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Next post will be Destiny Weekly Reset on Tuesday and will include weekly reset activities, guides, news, and more. New giveaways are coming soon, stay tuned to Twitter and Twitch for more details. Hope you have a great week!
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