Destiny: Armsday! (October 19th)

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October 19, 2016 by Kyber3000



Pick up orders by: Sunday, October 23rd @ 2AM Pacific
You may wait and hold onto orders until you get the rolls you prefer.
SUROS DIS-43 (Scout Rifle)
Häkke Gaheris-D (Hand Cannon)
Omolon Kumakatok HC4 (Hand Cannon)
Häkke Herja-D (Pulse Rifle)
Häkke Strongbow-D  (Shotgun)
SUROS DIS-43's Icon Gaheris-D's Icon Kumakatok HC4's Icon Herja-D's Icon Strongbow-D's Icon
Armsday FAQ by Bungie
Completing Field Test Weapons received from the Gunsmith awards Gunsmith Reputation.
Ranking up your Gunsmith Reputation will allow you to hold more Armsday Orders at a single time.
Ranking up your Gunsmith Reputation will offer players a greater variety of weapons when redeeming an Armsday order.
Reputation Packages granted for ranking up the Gunsmith offer a guaranteed Legendary Weapon.
For more information on Armsday, please see ARMSDAY FAQ


Armsday Roll Suggestions by Planet Destiny


Kyt_Kutcha’s Armsday Guide
Finely made by /u/uncleyosh // Click here or image above to view

Foundry Weapons - Kyber3000


Test weapons to order Foundry Weapons for the next Armsday
Order by: Sunday, October 23rd @ 2AM Pacific
Next Armsday on: Wednesday, October 26th @ 2AM Pacific
Available to Order – $2,500 Glimmer 
Omolon Thesan FR4 (Fusion Rifle)
Häkke Herja-D (Pulse Rifle)
Häkke Lyudmila-D (Pulse Rifle)
SUROS JLB-42 (Rocker Launcher)
Omolon Eirene RR4 (Pulse Rifle)
Thesan FR4's Icon Herja-D's Icon Lyudmila-D's Icon SUROS JLB-42's Icon Eirene RR4's Icon

Gunsmith Test Weapons


Test Weapons to purchase Foundry Weapons & Earn Reputation
Test Weapons by: Wednesday, October 26th @ 2AM Pacific
Store test weapons in your inventory before date above to have more time to test them.
SUROS TSA-10 (Auto Rifle)
PvP: Use in the Crucible to gather data for the Suros research department.
Omolon Test FR1 (Fusion Rifle)
PvP: Use in the Crucible to gather data for Omolon’s weapons developers.
Häkke Test-A (Pulse Rifle)
PvE: Make double-kills with this weapon to gather data for Häkke’s armament scientists.
Omolon Test HC1 (Hand Cannon)
PvE: Make precision shots to gather data for Omolon’s weapons developers.
SUROS TSP-10 (Pulse Rifle)
PvE: Use against Vex targets to gather field data for the Suros research department.

SUROS TSA-10's Icon Omolon Test FR1's Icon Häkke Test-A's Icon Omolon Test HC1's Icon SUROS TSP-10's Icon


Xur – Agent of the Nine

Arrives: Friday, October 21st @ 2AM Pacific
Departs: Sunday, October 23rd @ 2AM Pacific

Screenshot (1286)

Trials of Osiris

Starts: Friday, October 21st @ 10AM Pacific
Ends: Tuesday, October 25th @ 2AM Pacific
Trials Map and information will be posted on Friday. View rewards available here. Currently updating page.

News and Update (


Destiny Update 2.4.1

The one about Economy changes.

CLICK HERE or image to read post.

This week at Bungie 10/13/16

This Week at Bungie – 10/13/2016

Get ready to lighten up.

CLICK HERE or image to read post.

This Week at Bungie 10/06/16

This Week at Bungie – 10/06/2016

The fires of the Iron Banner.

CLICK HERE or image above to read post.


Wrath of the Machine – Hard Mode Raid Complete Guide 
Click video above or here (video by Datto)

Festival of the Lost + New Ornaments
View video above or click here (video by Planet Destiny)

Wrath of the Machine – 4 SIVA Cluster Locations
Click video above or here (video by Planet Destiny)

Wrath of the Machine – Exotic Chest Locations
Click video above or here (video by Planet Destiny)

Destiny: Rise of Iron | How to get Outbreak Prime Exotic Pulse Rifle
Click video above or here (Video by Arekkz)

 If you have any suggestions , questions, see anything information that is incorrect, or would like to submit any content (such as videos, posts, etc) you may message me at any time. Stream Update: now that my internet has been checked and should have no issues, I will have a test stream (to test quality using Xbox One) next week, a permanent schedule is in the process of being made and will be added to Twitch asap.
Hope you all have a great week!
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Note: YouTube videos shown on this website/blog are not made by myself, I only choose videos for different activities to share them with the community to serve as help/guides. Please feel free to message me at anytime if you do not want your video added to posts. 


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