Iron Banner Returns + Hot Fix – 05/25/2016

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May 25, 2016 by Kyber3000

Iron Banner Returns

Ever since we cancelled Trials of Osiris to suppress a storm of rockets, Lord Saladin has been a target of speculation. Until we could hunt down and destroy a nasty bug, our old friend has been in a holding pattern. We’re pleased to report that our work on that front is done, and the he has been granted clearance to set up shop at his usual haunt in the Tower.

Begins: NOW!
Ends: Weekly Reset
The game is Control!
Control to the zones to make those kills count more. Do that, and you could earn these…
Fusion Rifles
Hunter Armor
Titan Armor
Warlock Armor
PlayStation Armor
 Available from Lord Saladin:
  • Rank 3: Chest Pieces, Gauntlets, PlayStation Gauntlets
  • Rank 4: Fusion Rifles
  • Rank 5: Sidearms

Edit: The rewards are also available as post-game drops regardless of Rank. 

Need a team to watch your back? Tired of playing with randoms who just can’t help themselves from capturing the third zone? Check out the new functionality in our #Recruitment forum. There’s sure to be a call to arms that will suit your style of play.
Good hunting out there!
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Destiny Hot Fix 05-25-16.png

Destiny Hot Fix – 05/25/2016 – The one with much less rockets (and supers).
This emergency Hot Fix will restore order to the game.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get additional Heavy Ammunition
  • Fixed an issue where players could get unlimited Super abilities

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