The Division Game – Update 1.2: Conflict Details

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May 23, 2016 by Kyber3000

The Division Game Update 1.2 Release Date.png

The Division Game – Update 1.2: Conflict

Releases on: Tuesday, May 24th, 2016
Update 1.2 will be releasing tomorrow following the 3 hours of scheduled maintenance. Servers go offline @ 12am PDT. Visit for release updates and details

(Click link above to view more details)


New Incursion: Clear Sky

In Columbus Circle, Rikers have seized one of the anti-aircraft sites abandoned by the LMB. Now, they control the Manhattan airspace and taking possession over our supply drops. Take back the area. Must be level 30 to do any incursion. Hard Mode Incursion requires 160+ gear score and Challenge Mode requires 180+ gear score. Incursions will have a checkpoint after the 1st encounter. You will be able to earn rewards every time you complete hard or challenge mode incursions, and can earn double rewards the 1st time you complete an incursion every week. Incursions are designed for 4 player groups, you can play with less if you choose however, enemies will remain scaled to 4 players. Note: Challenge mode will be available on the next weekly reset.

Search and Destroy Missions

Search and Destroy Mission offer daily activities that reward you with Target Intel that will allow you to locate High Value Targets. Note: Once you have complete all side missions and encounters these missions will be available at Safe Houses in named zones. 

High Value Targets

High Value Targets are dangerous Faction Leaders who are taking over the area, you will need to collect enough intel to take them down. Once you collect enough Target Intel you will be able to speak to the HVT Officer to get High Value Target contracts. Note: High Risk Targets only give you 1 attempt. 

Dark Zone: Hi-Jack Extractions

Dark Zone Extractions will have a Hijack option (cutting the extraction rope) with Update 1.2. Choosing to hijack an extraction will mark you as a rouge agent with a Rank 1 timer. If the rope is successfully cut all loot attached will scatter as a public drop.

[05-19-2016] Sealed Cache

Dark Zone: Sealed Caches

Sealed Caches drop from Named NPC’s and Elite enemies. They contain mystery items and there is four qualities of Sealed Caches: Specialized, Superior, High End or Gear Set. Caches contain equipment, gear or mods as well as Division Tech and Dark Zone credits. Named bosses have a chance to drop High End or Gear Set Sealed Caches. If a cache drops it will replace the guaranteed High End item. Elite enemies have a chance to drop Superior Sealed Caches. All Sealed Caches are contaminated and must be extracted. Once extracted you can open your caches to reveal it’s contents. These items can be traded. (see Sealed Caches section below)

New High End Weapons

Hungry Hog M60 LMG, Centurion M1911 Pistol, Medved Saiga12 Shotgun, and the Historian M1A MMR. Showstopper AA12 Shotgun will not be released until update 1.3.

Player Stash – Dark Zone Checkpoints

Player stashes will available in every Dark Zone checkpoint.

ISAC Assignments

ISAC Assignments will be available to Level 30 players every week and reward players with exclusive vanity items. View assignments in the map overview. 

the division updat 1.2 gear set

New Gear Set

Hunter’s Faith, Lone Star, Final Measure, and Predator’s Mark. View new gear set details @

New 200+ Gear Score Dark Zone Bracket

New Dark Zone bracket 200+ will have tougher enemies from level 32-34 and have better rewards. All Division Tech will be High End quality. All drops from NPCs will start at superior quality. Higher chances to get Sealed Caches on Elite and Named NPCs. (see Dark Zone section for more details about drops)

New Stat – Toughness

 Toughness will be replacing the Health stat in the overview of the inventory. Toughness is a combination of health and armor values.

Phoenix Credit Capacity Increasing from 1,000 to 2,000 
Armor damage mitigation cap increasing from 65% to 75% 

PatchNotes_Header_Update_1_2_251911 Sm Blog

View @ Kyber’s Corner or @ The Division

(Click links above to view patch notes or click image)


[2016-05-19] devblog_lootrevamp_header


View loot changes below and/or view for the Update 1.2 Patch Notes. (click images to view details)

Hard Mode & Challenging Main Missions

Hard Mode – Boss Drop 
1- 163 High End
Hard Mode – Mission Reward
1- 163 High End
Challenge Mode – Boss Drop
2- 182 High End Items, 1- 182 High End, or 1- 214 Gear Set (Chance for 1- 191 Gear Set)
Challenge Mode – Mission Reward
1- 182 High End


You can earn rewards every time to complete an incursion and you will also get double rewards the first time you complete the incursion every week (this applies to both hard and challenge mode).

Hard Mode – Boss Drop
1- 204 High End Weapon + 1- 214 Gear Set + 1- 182/204 High End or 214/240 Gear
Hard Mode – Weekly Reward
1- 204 High End Weapon + 1- 214 Gear Set
Challenge Mode – Boss Drop
1- 204 High End Weapon + 1- 240 Gear Set + 1- 204 High End or 240 Gear Set
Challenge Mode – Weekly Reward
1- 204 High End Weapon + 1- 240 Gear Set

High Value Targets

The more difficult & higher ranked ones will reward you with better items.

High Value Target – Daily
1 – 182 High End or 1- 214 Gear Set (Chance for 1- 191 Gear Set)
High Value Target – Weekly
1- 182 High End or 214 Gear Set (Chance for 1- 214 Gear Set)
High Risk Target – Weekly 
1- 204 High End or 214 Gear Set (Chance for 1- 240 Gear Set)

Dark Zone – Named NPCs Drops

GEAR SCORE BRACKET – 200 & under

Named NPC Level 30 – DZ01 & DZ02
1- 163 High End or 191 Gear Set
Named NPC Level 31 – DZ03 & DZ04
1- 163/182 High End or 191/214 Gear Set
Named NPC Level 32 – DZ05 & DZ06
1 – 163/182/204 High End or 191/214/240 Gear Set


Named NPC Level 32 – DZ01 & DZ02 
1- 182/204 High End or 214/240 Gear Set
Named NPC Level 33 – DZ03 & DZ04
1- 182/204 High End or 214/240 Gear Set
Named NPC Level 34 – DZ05 & DZ06
1- 204 High End or 240 Gear Set

Dark Zone – Supply Drops

GEAR SCORE BRACKET – 200 & under

DZ01 & DZ02
1- 163 /182 High End (Chance for 191 Gear Set)
DZ03 & DZ04
1- 163/182 High End (Chance for 191/214 Gear Set)
DZ05 & DZ06
1- 182/204 High End (Chance for 214 Gear Set)


DZ01, DZ02, DZ03, & DZ04
1- 182/204 High End (Chance for 214/240 Gear Set)
DZ05 & DZ06
1- 204 High End (Chance for 240 Gear Set)

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