Bungie Weekly Update – 10/15/2015 (Destiny The Game)

Screenshot (262)Bungie Weekly Update – 10/15/2015:

Read about when King’s Fall Hard Mode Raid releases, Trials of Osiris, and more @ https://t.co/kWJ9wQGLVe (Bungie.net)

Nightfall Rewards: An update coming next week to provide “more frequent and more powerful Legendary rewards” for the Nightfall! (Source: PlanetDestiny, Bungie)

King’s Fall Raid – Hard Mode Launches Friday, October 23rd @ 10AM PST

Recommended Light Level for Hard Mode is 300-320. Gear drops will be 310-320.

Trials of Osiris: will be delayed due to exploit/bug…(stay tuned to @Bungie on Twitter or on Bungie.net for more details)

Bungie Addresses Destiny Shadowshot Exploit, Delays Return Of Trials (source @gameinformer on Twitter & Bungie)


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