This Week at Bungie – Rally the Factions. (Sept 21)

THIS WEEK AT BUNGIE – 09/21/2017 - Cozmo This week at Bungie, we are welcoming back some old friends. First off, if you still haven’t finished the Destiny 2 campaign, there will be some SPOILERS in this blog post. If you haven’t learned the fate of the City, yet, you should definitely go play through... Continue Reading →


Destiny 2: HotFix – The one about post launch fixes. (Sept 18)

DESTINY 2 HOTFIX - 9/18/17 - Destiny Dev Team The one about post launch fixes. UI Fixed an issue that caused players to not receive Man O’ War Linear Fusion Rifle Quest Reward when they have a full weapon inventory Players can obtain their missing Man O’ War from Asher Mir on IO Items Fixed... Continue Reading →

This Week at Bungie – Welcome to the Endgame. (Sept 14)

THIS WEEK AT BUNGIE – 09/14/2017 by DeeJ (see original article by Bungie here) This week at Bungie, we crowned a new Raid champion. When the pinnacle activity in Destiny first goes live, a race for glory begins. Our community assembles to see which team will be first to ascend the mountain. Our team keeps... Continue Reading →

Destiny 2: Guided Games Help

  9/13/2017 GUIDED GAMES (view original article by Bungie here) Guided Games allow solo players to meet a Clan Fireteam to guide them through select end game activities. For more information on this activity type, please see the below guide. Guided Games Beta Guided Games will be in a limited-access Beta for the Nightfall activity from September... Continue Reading →

This Week at Bungie – From Boost to Orbit (Sept 7)

THIS WEEK AT BUNGIE – 09/07/2017 by DeeJ This week at Bungie, we started a new adventure. With a head full of memories and heart primed for action, we launched Destiny 2. Since then, millions of Guardians have evacuated a City under attack to arrive “safely” at the Farm. The game is afoot! We’ve taken... Continue Reading →

This Week at Bungie – Game Time (Aug 31)

THIS WEEK AT BUNGIE – 08/31/2017 by Cozmo This week at Bungie, we’re about to launch! Destiny 2 is almost here. This will be our last weekly transmission before you get to play the full game in all its glory. There has been so much said about this new adventure on the road to launch, but... Continue Reading →

Bungie: Direct Relief for Houston – Guardians to the rescue! (Aug 30)

DIRECT RELIEF FOR HOUSTON by DeeJ If you’ve been following current events, or even have friends or family caught in the storm, chances are high that Houston is on your mind right now. The rising floodwaters brought on by Hurricane Harvey continue to impact the people of Texas, and the storm isn’t over. People need... Continue Reading →

Bungie Companion Update – Getting to know the new companion. (Aug 30)

COMPANION UPDATE By Cozmo To prepare for the console launch of Destiny 2 next week, we have updated the Destiny Companion. What is the Destiny Companion? Between and our mobile application, it’s an experience that spans your desktop and your smart phone. We put the tools at your fingertips to manage your Guardian adventures... Continue Reading →

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